Canon Stroke and Vascular Research Center Mission Statement

The world-renowned University at Buffalo Canon Stroke and Vascular Research Center focuses on research related to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease through minimally invasive invasive image-guided interventions, improved imaging modalities and devices, and better understanding of hemodynamics. The overall goal is to have innovations emerging from the center quickly translated into clinical practice and implemented by industry so that they may directly benefit patients.”

Canon Stroke and Vascular Research Center Goals

  • Develop innovative imaging techniques and minimally invasive endovascular approaches to diagnose and treat vascular abnormalities, particularly those that cause stroke.
  • Advance knowledge regarding the underlying flow of dynamics that promote vascular disease and affect therapeutic outcomes.
  • Promote an international exchange of research, education, and business information and personnel through joint ventures.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of collaborative ventures between industry and academic institutions.
  • Establish Western New York as a pre-eminent international center for stroke research, education, and clinical practice.


A $15.8 million commitment for new equipment and support from Toshiba Corporation will allow the University at Buffalo to expand its Toshiba Stroke and Vascular Research Center this spring. Read more.

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