Aneurysm Models

We researched and developed a wide variety of in vivo, in vitro, and bench top models to address the diversity present in both academic and commercial environments and are able to provide experienced assistance in every aspect from study and protocol development to analyzing final results. 

Some of the in vivo models we research and develop include: 

  • An array of aneurysm morphologies in various species
  • Liquid embolic evaluation
  • Custom bench top and surgical models
  • Associated pathology and histologic staining through partners


aneurysmpic1.png aneurysmpic2.png
  • Elastase Aneurysm Model
  • Sidewal Aneurysm Model
Ischemic Stroke Models

Middle cerebral artery occlusion models 

Autologous clot retrieval models


Comparative studies used a Circle of Willis phantom to evaluate the performance of a clot retrieval method compared to the same retrieval method combined with thrombus aspiration. A flow loop simulated the flow through the Circle of Willis. Both the general push and pull and anatomical resemblance of circulation through the phantom experienced by the neurosurgeons were similar with that in patients. (a)A DSA image shows a clot was placed into the left side of the MCA and blocked the circulation in the left side. (b) Fluoroscopic image of stent retriever over clot. (c) DSA image after the clot was retrieved.

Research Focus

Dr Adnan H Siddiqui, Professor in the Neurosurgery Department, Dr. Elad Levy, Professor and Chairman of the Neurosurgery Department and Dr Kenneth Snyder head the Center’s research in Neurosurgery. Together with the researchers and neurosurgery fellows they work closely with the Department of Neurosurgery in the University at Buffalo and Kaleida Health to improve current devices and advance knowledge of the development of vascular disease. This is accomplished by providing an area where clinicians can participate with researchers and industry to develop our own technology and research models investigating the origin of disease states, as well as contributing to the work of others.