Vascular 3D printed Phantoms

Using our 3D printing facility we can create various patient specific arterial geometries based on CT, MRI or CBCT from patient data. Using our own software we can take DICOM data, segment the vasculature, export to an STL file, manipulate the model to merge outlets, add support and to make a user friendly benchtop model. We can create full Circle of Willis models, aneurysm models, cardiac models and aortic arch models. These models can be interconnected and attached to a pump to simulate physiological flow. We used these models to simulate ischemic stroke and treatment, aneurysm treatment and diagnosis.

The physics and device development group offers collaboration services for other investigators in that the state-of-the-art angiography equipment and the microCT machine may be available for specimens.


Angiography Laboratory
We offer full services in in-vitro and in-vivo company contract work which includes Endovascular surgeons, imaging, pathology including acute and chronic studies

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