We offer the ability for board certified neurosurgeons at the forefront of their field to evaluate new devices and offer invaluable feedback utilizing a variety of both in vivo, cadaver, and bench top models. Our team adapts these models on an individual basis to address their specific research questions or provide customized training.

Endovascular fellows are able to conduct research projects alongside seasoned engineers and scientists to answer questions that arise in the clinic and pursue individual research interests.


We offer a wide variety of in vivo, in vitro, and bench top models to address the diversity present in both academic and commercial environments and are able to provide experienced assistance in every aspect from study and protocol development to analyzing final results.

Some of the in vivo models we offer include:

  • an array of aneurysm morphologies in various species
  • middle cerebral artery occlusion models 
  • autologous clot retrieval models
  • liquid embolic evaluation
  • the ability to modify another model as needed
  • associated pathology and histologic staining through partners

Bench top models include custom designed 3D printed flow models which are designed and created within the lab per client request.

Cadaver labs are also hosted for small and large scale training purposes and evaluation of new technologies.

All models can be used in one or both of our angiographic suites showcasing state of the art Toshiba biplane equipment and image analysis by our engineers. Both 9.4T and 3T MRI units are also available on site for further minimally invasive data collection.